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March 6th, 2008 8 comments

(Admin note:  Matteo will be here with a longer piece next month, same time.  This time I caught him by surprise, and he didn’t have as much time as he wanted.  I asked him just for a short introductory piece…and here you have it.  He’s an Italian author who writes in English as well as his native tongue, a translator, and a great guy.  Enjoy! – DNW)


by Matteo Curtoni

I’m not sure I know who the Good and the Bad really are, but I can tell you something about the Writer. That much I can do, and I think I should since it’s my first post here. The Writer is 34, he’s Italian and he’s always loved language so much (or so obsessively, you’ll be the judges) that some years ago he decided that writing in his native tongue was not enough. Just not enough. So he started writing stories in English as well. Those stories won a couple of contests and the Writer got noticed by an Italian publisher. The publisher offered him a contract. Of course the novel he wrote for the publisher was in Italian but it was based on one of the short pieces he’d written in English because, hey, linguistic schizophrenia needed to be fed somehow. The novel was quite sick, dark and weird but it sold reasonably well anyway. Since stories and novels or ideas for stories and novels unfortunately aren’t accepted as currency, while working on further indignities he’s planning to subject his readers to, our man makes living out of translating. From English to Italian. He’s translated novels by Joe Hill, Douglas Coupland, Katherine Dunn, James Lee Burke, just to name a few, and he considers himself damn lucky for the opportunity to translate their works. He keeps wondering about the Good and the Bad and about what the hell they’re doin’ inside his head, but he has reason to suspect that they’re studying French. Sooner or later he’ll find out, anyway. Last but not at all least, he’s terribly happy for the chance to contribute with his words here. Hope you’ll enjoy them, ladies and gentlemen.


–Matteo Curtoni