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Brian Yount, publisher of DOORWAYS, has now made the official announcement of the demise of DOORWAYS magazine, but I wanted to add this public farewell, letting one and all know that right along with Buffalo Bill and telephone booths, DOORWAYS magazine is no more. We had some great material, would have, I like to think, eventually gotten layout together and our mission defined, but, alas, Economy of the Damned and (perhaps) emergent technologies (“Let’s go read computers and Ipads and Upanishads and Kindle, Bindle, Barton and Fish!) have done done us in.

I had fun editing the mag. I still think there’s a bright future for magazines. And newspapers. And I think once we start seeing Packards on our super highways, driven by guys in Van Heusen shirts who are listening to “Little Orphan Annie” on the radio.

For me, of course, well, I’m sad: not only will I no longer be earning impossibly big bucks at DOORWAYS but I will no longer be able to support my borderline insane megalomania power dybbuk! No longer will I be able to crush the hopes and dreams of people who needed to have their dreams and hopes crushed. You’re … REJECTED! You want additional pulp with that?

So, instead I’m going to spend some time working on SECRET PROJECTS! They might be for a new start up company that will deliver something like reading material intravenously. But—Ha! Mad! You call me Mad? I will edit again, damn you, Napoleon—and it might even be books …

But I won’t tell you now – because it’s a secret. A secret is something you used to not tell everyone. It’s what people kept to themselves before there was the INTERNUT and Larry King.

I’ve got a secret.

And it just might be about … editing books.

And if that stupid duck doesn’t believe it, I will have to slap that stupid looking beak right off his face!

Stay tuned to this bat channel for further developments.

And remember, when one DOORWAY closes, another door slams at the back of the porch and you’re ‘bout to get a blues attack ‘cause it takes a heap o’heapin’ to make a heap a heap.

Notary Sojac.

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